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Out of the Blue

A magician, dressed in blue, appears on stage introducing a mysterious blue wheel. After several astonishing acrobatic tricks she conjures five orange balls out of the wheel. During a spectacular juggling performance the balls disappear one by one. The leftover ones start to more and more lead a life of their own; the last one most of all! The amazing gravity-defying art of the elegant blue sorceress fascinates any audience untill the very end. As the last ball disappears, the blue wheel reveals one final magic spell...
Playfulness and tension exchange one another in this first class juggling act.


In 2009, Out of the Blue recieved both the jury and audience prize for Best Act at the Dutch Juggling Championship.


Duration: 12 minutes

Out of the Blue is suitable for both open air and stage events


Space 6x4x3m (WxDxH)
Surface level and firm
Sound system with CD/MP3 playback

Stage specifications:

Min. 4 PAR64 spotlights with blue filters (nr 79 true blue)
Min. 4 PAR64 spotlights with bright filters (blurry white or yellow)
2 spotlights directed upwards
No build up, minimal stage clearing afterwards
A PDF can be downloaded with the light cues