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The Cat

The lazy Cat would prefer to lie in bed all day. But upon the kids’ calling she comes forward to show her sweet side. She appears purring and starts to tell her life story...How she travelled around as a kitten with the wandering circus, and how she learned all sorts of tricks. Tricks? “Shall I show you some?” Yeeeeees!

She starts to explain juggling with cloths that she has kept hidden in all sorts of places. And she appears to have learnt magic: she turns soap bubbles into crystal balls that she does beautiful tricks with. And large orange balls appear where they weren’t before, how can that be?

When the cat’s story is over, the best part is yet to come: now, all can come and play! With her explanation some tricks turn out to be quite easy to do...


1001 Night

The oriental princess Fatima could have just stepped out of the tale of 1001 Nights. Not only can she belly dance: on her persian rug, that is just about to fly out of the window, she shows the most beautiful tricks, balancing on her hands or turning soap bubbles into crystal balls. These will not show your fortune, nor tell you how Fatima makes large orange juggling balls appear right in front of your eyes, where they weren’t before!

After the show, everyone can come and try out tricks for themselves, under Fatima’s supervision.

Duration show part: ± 15 minutes (depending on age)

Duration workshop part: 45-90 minutes (depending on age and number of participants)


Space 3x3x3m (WxDxH)
Surface level and firm
Sound system with CD/MP3 playback
Sufficient light