doek red1 zon backbend
red2 redroll balinbal kop


Under a satin sheet, a giant sphere shape moves gently in the wind. After the sheet has been removed, a mystical figure appears in what appears to be a giant soap bubble. She plays, dances and moves in her own cosmos. Then she disappears shortly. Meanwhile, a giant fan is unfolded, and the artist shows bits and pieces of herself in the process. When she returns, a smaller planet has grown within the bigger one. In a breathtaking way, the figure shows the most elegant juggling moves with the small ball, and even the combination of both planets.
When in the end she leaves her soap bubble for the curtain call, the dream lives on within the hearts of the audience.

Duration: 10 min.



Ball-et-Ball-er-in is suitable for both open air and stage events.


Space 6x6x6m (WxDxH)
Surface level, even and clean (evt. to be covered with tapestry)
Sound system with CD/MP3 playback
2 power points 230V

Due to the limited oxygen capacity within the sphere, the start of the show should ideally occur at almost the same time as the filling up of the bubble has finished. This requires careful calculation in gathering the audience and announcement for the show.

Stage specifications:

Min. 4 PAR64 spotlights with red filters
Min. 4 PAR64 spotlights with white filters

Build up ± 10 min. (fan and blowing bubble)
stage clearing afterwards ±5 min. (2 persons)